Spirit Dog & Spirit Animals 24 hours ago I was in the presence of #wolfdog named Sabre. Within seconds of meeting him I was bleeding. Then I sat on a bench to be on his level, told him him not to jump on me. He didn’t after that. 24 hours ago Sabee, as Norm and […]

Snakes in Suits Snakes in Suits is well-written and explains how charismatic psychopaths smile and slither their way into the hearts and minds of trusting people in schools, businesses and government. When you read this book you’ll better understand the long lasting damage a serial psychopath leaves in their wake. Yes, they are impulsive, but […]

During my neuro-psychology exam I was asked about always and never. My reply was simple: “They’re lies.” When the examiner looked at me quizzically, I explained, “Always and never are absolutes that don’t exist.” Of course she was going for the word: opposites. Yet my mind shot to the yin yang of physics and metaphysics, […]

Are you a Human Being or are you a Human Doing? My father-in-law, Bill, told me that he has been a Human Doing for his entire life. Norm’s mom, Pat, died last December; she and Bill married in 2001 when they were 70 and 80 years, respectively. I know that during their 15 years together […]

Today I woke up remembering that I grew up in a field of unconditional love. It didn’t matter what I accomplished or didn’t accomplish; the same amount of acceptance was offered whether a C or an A showed up on the report card. That’s how mom and dad loved us. Don’t get the idea that […]

Yesterday I presented a speech written to enhance creativity. Giving it energized me as much as it wowed and electrified the room. What is creativity? It is the interaction between the mind, all our our minds, including the collective mind, and varying levels of consciousness. What is the mind? It is a field of energy […]

Today is my birthday. From the day I was born my parents gave me unconditional love.The best kind – not hovering, not smothering, just steady and enduring. Today is the second birthday without my mother and father and third without my sister. They all died within 1 year and 1 week. Who knew that I […]