Today I woke up remembering that I grew up in a field of unconditional love. It didn’t matter what I accomplished or didn’t accomplish; the same amount of acceptance was offered whether a C or an A showed up on the report card. That’s how mom and dad loved us. Don’t get the idea that […]

Yesterday I presented a speech written to enhance creativity. Giving it energized me as much as it wowed and electrified the room. What is creativity? It is the interaction between the mind, all our our minds, including the collective mind, and varying levels of consciousness. What is the mind? It is a field of energy […]

Today is my birthday. From the day I was born my parents gave me unconditional love.The best kind – not hovering, not smothering, just steady and enduring. Today is the second birthday without my mother and father and third without my sister. They all died within 1 year and 1 week. Who knew that I […]

Have you ever wondered about fist bumping? I have. Please enjoy a couple guys who truly know about how to bump a fist. Body Language always evolves.

From what I know more than 300 people were taken to hospital, 99 of them being in quite critical condition, and 129 dead. What more needs to be said? Gunman and bombers were a lethal danger. Random barbarism that seems to appear out of nowhere blur the lines between danger and fear. In reality fear […]

On Saturday October 17th a team of 14 human beings working in harmonic unity accomplished the feat of launching 5000 biodegradable balloons into the bright blue sky to celebrate the Indiana University football game. Other times balloons are released as solemn memorials, such as the 911 event. We were asked to color code the balloons […]

In my last post I wrote of Alfred and our long lasting friendship. Since then, I have thought of him often. We were friends for nearly 25 years. When he died his wife called to let me know. She and Alfred’s daughter were so sad, and she explained that she knew that I would want […]